Darts CLUB 1.1

No Image darts thrown by every player, as well as individual and overall performance. Darts CLUB is an invaluable tool for every serious darts player! Designed by darts enthusiasts for darts enthusiasts, Darts CLUB is highly usable in competitive and intensive environments. The experience of several darts competitions helped in making Darts CLUB a perfect judge for fast-paced games. When you are facing an outshot, Darts CLUB will show the exact wedge to hit

Darts 1.0: Darts toolbar for darts enthusiasts for Internet explorer
Darts 1.0

Darts toolbar for Internet explorer . Find popular darts sites and rss feeds for darts blogs easily using the darts toolbar. Includes links for the latest darts news and darts equipment and blogs.

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3D Darts Professional 2.15: Realistic dart simulation lets you compete with friends or computer opponents.
3D Darts Professional 2.15

3D Darts Professional is the most realistic dart simulation and lets you play darts even when you`re away from your favorite pub! Compete with friends or try your skill against 48 computer opponents with different skill levels. Play seven of the most popular dart games: 301, Cricket, Cricket21, 501, 701, Hiscore, and Cutthroat Cricket. 3D Darts Professional offers a wide range of options and lets you customize the program in a variety of ways.

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Balloons 1.4.1: Pop as many balloons as possible!
Balloons 1.4.1

In this game you need to use darts to shoot balloons. You need to calculate the trajectory of the darts in order to destroy as many balloons as possible. You will gain extra bonus if you destroyed all the balloons and with darts left. Use the mouse the control the direction of the darts, the arrow will show the force used to shoot the darts, press the mouse button to shoot the dart when you think the force is right.

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Free Sports Games 3.0: Good darts sports games are really hard to find.
Free Sports Games 3.0

Playing darts just turned into a brand new experience. Good darts sports games are really hard to find. Finding a free version (not a trial one!) with a perfect graphics and a true to life experience, well that is almost impossible. But surprisingly enough Darts World Cup free arcade game turned to be exactly what all darts fans were searching for. A unique kind of software supported throws made this game one of the most wanted free darts games.

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Dartscore 2005 2.1.4: Keep track of scores and statistics when playing darts, for X01 games / Cricket
Dartscore 2005 2.1.4

Keep track of scores when playing darts.You can input the score when playing darts at home or in a pub by clicking on a virtual dartboard, type in the score into the score-inputbar or speak the score with the implemented voice-recognition software.Dartscore is implemented with great sound effects and graphics. The program has great statistics. All data is saved into a database for history and statistics. Scorekeeping has never been this easy.

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3-IN-A-BED WORLD DARTS 16.0: Play computer darts online against players from all over the world

Welcome to the 3-IN-A-BED World League where you can play internet darts online. The World League is a social gathering of computer darts players who meet online to test their skills on the dartboard.

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